Key Highlights:
  • Exceeded viewability goal by 9%
  • Marked increase in awareness for the printer range
The Challenge:

HP partnered with Quantcast to launch their new A3 Multifunction printer with a focus on increasing awareness in a low interest category. Their primary challenge was reaching small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) and business professionals with product benefits messaging before they considered a purchase. Core to this challenge was that most business decision makers only invest in a printer when the current one breaks, resulting in a short purchasing window; however, for larger business equipment purchases, if there is a contract involved, this can take months.

The Quantcast Solution:

HP leveraged Quantcast’s Search Powered Audiences (SPA) solution to reach small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) and business professionals looking for print solutions across display advertising.

Understanding the intent signals of users searching for HP A3 printers, Quantcast Search Powered Audiences identified the predictive behavioral patterns of in-market printer business decision makers to unlock new brand audiences. In addition, HP created informative native articles that ran across local publisher sites to deliver the educational layer of their multi-dimensional marketing strategy.

By leveraging Quantcast’s Brand Targeting solutions, HP was able to accurately reach an interested audience with their messages and direct them to the HP Website to consider pertinent information about their printer range.

The Results:

Overall, this advertising partnership yielded strong results in terms of target audience awareness, reaching over 800K unique users over the campaign period with an average frequency of 3. The client confirmed that the campaign had a marked increase in awareness for the printer range. The secondary KPI of high average ad viewability was also achieved, exceeding the viewability goal by 9%. Brand safety being an important factor was maintained by Quantcast’s proprietary live global blacklist – excluding over 60,000 sites. In addition, the clients ads were wrapped with Integral Ad Science pre-bid technology for additional brand safety.

“In terms of performance, amongst our other publishers, Quantcast have delivered one of the highest levels of results for HP.”