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The Challenge

Forbes has a longstanding, successful partnership with a key Investment & Money advertiser interested in reaching HHI, high net worth individuals keen to invest. The client continuously returned to Forbes, but was only interested in aligning with Money & Investing content.

Driving incremental revenue to non-endemic verticals

Increase in Forbes’ Customer CTRs by running in new verticals
Increase in interaction rate within new vertical
“Through Quantcast insights, Forbes is driving real value and performance in new areas and influencing client’s overall media strategies, ultimately driving new revenue and deeper partnerships for Forbes.” Alyson Williams – VP Digital Business Strategy & Operations, Forbes
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The Solution

Quantcast data showed the Forbes’ Lifestyle channel audience as having an investing mindset: High Net Worth investors 5x more likely to be a new mortgage customer, 2x more likely to have HHI $150k+ and almost 3x more likely to be interested in investing than the average internet user.

Forbes expanded the clients’ reach & performance was strong – ads running within the new target showed a 50% increase in CTR, a 24% increase in interaction rate, proving the value of lifestyle content for reach against the client’s desired audience.

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