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BuzzFeed Gets Analytical to Deliver the Right Audiences to Advertisers

BuzzFeed has redefined the model for modern publishing with unique, data-driven approaches to reaching new audiences and monetizing them. Underlying BuzzFeed’s success is a focus on data and analytics. For insight into its audiences, BuzzFeed chose Quantcast Measure.

We use Quantcast to measure audiences for individual posts on BuzzFeed. Getting audience insight at the post level helps us demonstrate to advertisers how sponsored content can deliver their specific target audiences.

Tami Dalley, Senior Director, Research, BuzzFeed


  • Measuring audiences of sponsored posts: BuzzFeed uses thousands of custom segments in Quantcast Measure to track the audience engaged by each post. When an advertiser specifies a target audience, such as 35-54-year-olds, BuzzFeed can show example posts that engaged that profile. This data helps advertisers understand how sponsored content can deliver their target audiences, and it also provides ideas about the best type of content to employ.
  • Cross-platform audiences: As a leading cross-platform publisher, BuzzFeed needs a view of its audiences across its web, mobile web and mobile app properties. Using Quantcast’s cross-platform measurement, BuzzFeed sees consistent demographics for audiences reading its content on any platform.

BuzzFeed is now one of the top 10 sites in the US. BuzzFeed has upended how consumers get their news and how advertisers reach those audiences. With its sights trained on expanding into new content areas, it’s clear that BuzzFeed is just getting started.

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