Advertise Customer Success Story Drove over 3K conversions & increases website engagement by almost 10%

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ARB is Australia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of 4×4 accessories. The globally renowned brand is known for well-engineered, durable equipment that meets the vigorous demands of 4WD owners.
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The Challenge

Struggling to drive results through other advertising partners, ARB tasked Quantcast to help them increase awareness of their products and drive high-quality website traffic. With a solid retail footprint, ARB wanted to expand their reach among this audience online and target those with buying power.

Delivered true real-time advertising for ARB that drove results.

Conversions Driven
for Direct Response Media
Increase in Website Engagement
“ARB as a brand is very conscious of reaching the right people and bringing quality traffic to their website. The Quantcast traffic showed an uplift in engagement on the website compared to Google Display Ads and with Quantcast’s Account Managers help we managed to prove that we saw an overall assisting conversion uplift on other marketing channels as well” Andreas Karlsson, Performance Manager, G Squared
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The Solution

Quantcast’s first party data offered unique insights into the behaviours of four-wheel drive (4WD) adventurists, ARB’s target audience for this campaign.

A custom audience model was built using Quantcast’s proprietary targeting strategy Search Powered Audiences (SPA) to reach the 4WD adventurist audience with Display Ads. When partnered with Quantcast’s Complete Targeting solution, ARB were able to provide on-going messaging to these potential customers, drive high-quality website traffic and in turn, increase site engagement.

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