African Wildlife Foundation (a non-profit international conservation organization) and Sanky Communications (their fundraising agency) wanted to drive donations during the peak year end fundraising season. Having seen success with advertising in the fall of 2016 with Quantcast, they partnered with Quantcast again in the fall of 2017 to build donor retention by targeting existing donors – including those who had previously only given through offline channels.

Quantcast is a valuable part of our marketing mix, helping us to beat our goals year after year.

Gayane Margaryan, Digital & Partner Marketing Manager


For the 2016 holiday season, African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) leveraged Quantcast Conversion Targeting to discover and influence new donors, ultimately driving donations through their online giving page.

Understanding that their digital advertising efforts had previously been unable to target their loyal base of offline supporters, for the 2017 holiday season Sanky and AWF asked Quantcast to test their CRM segments. Quantcast on-boarded their database of past online and offline donors through LiveRamp to ensure they reached this highly receptive audience of donors likely to renew their support. They then served ads designed to work in concert with solicitations being sent through other digital and print channels, ultimately increasing donations and return on ad spend.


For Fall 2016, leveraging Conversion Targeting, Quantcast drove:

  • 257% return on ad spend
  • Exceeded goal by 29%
  • 20% of all conversions

For Fall 2017, leveraging Conversion Targeting with CRM data, Quantcast drove:

  • 304% return on ad spend
  • Exceeded goal by 200%+
  • $55K+ in donations

When it comes to fundraising, an organization’s existing donor base is their most valuable asset. Quantcast’s CRM targeting combined with AI allows us to reach donors regardless of the channel of their past giving.

Sanky Communications


Quantcast Conversion Targeting with CRM taps into the power of your first party data. Reflecting audience changes in real-time, Quantcast finds patterns in the data, translating non-human signals into to human behavior. This gives us insight into the DNA makeup of your audience, allowing us to predict who your buyers are and drive them to conversion. Your data has a story to tell you about your customers. Write the next chapter.