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Founded in 2007, is a leading online destination and network for people seeking information and support as they face the many challenges that come with caring for aging loved ones.’s sales team sells directory listings to caregiving facilities and advertising space to relevant advertisers and needed a way to inform and educate prospective clients.

Since 2009, we’ve used Quantcast as an integral part of our sales pitches, to provide third-party validation of the metrics we present to prospective clients. And unbelievably, it’s free!

Katie Roper, VP Sales,
THE SOLUTION chose Quantcast Measure while a nascent startup in 2009. It continues to use Quantcast today, leveraging:
  • The publicly available, trusted measurement profile: makes its traffic profile public to attract prospective advertising and directory clients with traffic metrics validated by a trusted source.
  • The traffic comparison tool: Prospective clients can easily compare’s traffic metrics with those of sites they may be more familiar with—demonstrating its reach to clients who often lack digital experience.
  • Free multi-platform measurement: Quantcast’s free audience measurement helps reduce cost while providing a valuable sales resource.
Since 2009, has used the trusted traffic data from Quantcast Measure to win more accounts. Its sales team has incorporated the public profile into its pitches, enabling prospective clients of all digital competencies to appreciate’s reach into the audience interested in caregiver resources. closes more deals with Quantcast.

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