Onsite Interview Your Interview with Quantcast

Introduction So, you’re coming onsite for an interview with Quantcast?

We want you to have a great experience and enjoy meeting with some of our team members.

Here’s some helpful information on what you can expect!

What to wear

Our office dress code is “business casual” so dressy jeans is the kind of vibe to go for. We’re quite relaxed and want you to be yourself when you come in to meet with us, so feel free to leave the tie at home!

What to bring

Check the email you’ve received for any specific forms you’ve been asked to bring or presentations to prepare. This varies from office to office and interview to interview. If you’re preparing a presentation, please bring it on an USB stick or bring your own laptop.

How to prepare

  1. Read up on us and our biz:

    Your interest and enthusiasm will set the tone for the interview. These pages can help you learn more about Quantcast:

  2. Culture fit is paramount

    We will show you Quantcast at its most authentic, and we will look for you to do the same. Be yourself!

  3. Ask Questions!

    If you’re unsure of anything before the interview, email your recruiter and they’ll be happy to give you more information. When you come onsite, feel free to ask your interviewers any questions you have and learn more about whether Quantcast and the role are a good fit for you!

  4. Arrive about ten minutes early, and you’re good to go!

    We’ll be seeing you soon!