Engineering New Grad Program

As a new grad Software Engineer, you’ll have the autonomy to own and build projects from the beginning. From mentorship to exposure to leadership, you’ll also have a community to support the growth of your career in software engineering.

The Program:

  • Executive Speaker Series
  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Career Pathing Workshops
  • Lunch & Learns with Senior & Staff Engineers
  • Social events & fun outings

Some crazy numbers

100MM tagged destinations

20+ PBs of data/day

1.6MM transactions/sec

17 data centers

“Starting at Quantcast as an intern, I was extremely excited to learn about how interesting and challenging all the problems my team handled were, and then even more so when I learned that I would start working on this core technology immediately!

  During that first summer and when I later started full-time, a year later, I felt like I had lots of resources to learn from, but at the same time such a huge opportunity to own impactful systems and develop my skills.

  I’ve since transitioned into being a Senior Software Engineer and started working on even larger-scale projects, and it always excites me to realize how significant of a role I’ve been able to have working on cutting-edge technology in a short period of time!”

Noah Goldman
Senior Software Engineer

“I loved my welcoming teammates. They presented me with challenges that helped me grow.

  From learning different systems to building new tools, I have met incredibly gifted engineers and made great friends along the way.”

Zubair Marediya
Software Engineer

“I previously interned at Quantcast and my intern project was very well-designed and contributed real business impact to the company. It surprised me that Quantcast prioritized my learning above all. That feeling of being cared for – everyone on the team is here to help you become a better engineer – was what made it an easy decision for me to come back full-time.”

Tianyi Liu
Software Engineer

The interview process

1 HackerRank Coding Challenge

2 Recruiter Phone Screen

3 Technical Phone Interview

4 Phone Interview with Hiring Manager

5 Follow up with Recruiter

6 Offer!

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