Engineering Internship Program

A summer full of opportunity

The Quantcast Summer Internship Program is a hands-on learning experience focused on projects that impact the company and our clients. You’ll have the ability to own projects from start to finish.

Within your first few weeks, you’ll work with engineers and product managers to push projects into production. In Quantcast’s open and collaborative culture, you’ll have support from your manager, mentor, and various other team members.

For interns approaching graduation, you’ll have the opportunity to receive a full-time offer for employment.

The Program:

  • 10-12 Week Summer Internship
  • Mentorship Program
  • Executive Speaker Series
  • Company and Engineering Onboarding
  • Intern and Company-Wide Events
  • Catered Meals & Weekly Happy Hours
  • Engineering Hackathons
  • Frequent Feedback & Syncs

Some crazy numbers

100MM tagged destinations

20+ PBs of data/day

1.6MM transactions/sec

17 data centers

6 reasons you should intern at Quantcast

The Quantcast Summer Internship Program is a great way to learn about the real-world applications of subjects you study in school, like MapReduce and machine learning. Hear from some of our former interns on why you should intern at Quantcast.

The interview process

1 HackerRank Coding Challenge

2 Recruiter Phone Screen

3 Technical Phone Interview

4 Phone Interview with Hiring Manager

5 Follow up with Recruiter

6 Offer!

Apply to intern at Quantcast today!