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We are building the audience platform to radically simplify advertising on the open internet so brands of all sorts can understand the digital world.

Quantcast by the numbers

20+ PBs processed per day by our custom MapReduce system

3MM bid requests per second on our real-time bidding platform

250K requests per second handled by our real-time event collection system

8MM requests per second handled by our distributed key-value store

100+ TBs transferred daily by our data transport system

150+ engineers working around the globe

We have the technical chops

Our two founders, both engineers, have made sure that engineering is an essential part of Quantcast’s DNA.

Quantcast’s core competencies lie in large-scale, real-time data processing and analysis. We’ve invested heavily in technology for handling huge amounts of data and making sense of it through AI, and the same basic platform powers a whole range of solutions, including many we haven’t had the bandwidth to explore.

Big data, predictive modeling, interesting data sets, insightful analysis and uniquely powerful tools are at the center of what we do, which makes working on any of the engineering teams a challenging yet cool and exciting experience.

Are you inspired by hard problems?

Quantcast balances the benefits of a small company, where one person can have a real impact on the team’s success, with the benefits of a big one, which offers the resources and capabilities to really impact the outside world. There are very few places where engineers can work on such a diverse number of challenging problems.

You’ll learn a ton from our sharp, collaborative team — we pride ourselves on pushing quality code quickly within a nimble, agile environment. Combined with our size, this agility allows engineers to receive more end-to-end responsibility in their work flow.

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“All of the ongoing work will help solve the next generation of problems in the online advertisement space, and being a part of the larger team working on these solutions is amazing.”

Malvika Mathur
Sr. Manager, Engineering

“One of my favorite things about Quantcast is our hackathons. One of the more recent inventions added a ton of value—and got integrated into our main product.”

Simon Law
Sr. Staff Engineer
James Fotherby

“We work very closely with particular tooling and the software that helps us achieve a goal.”

James Fotherby
Systems Engineer
Angel Ting Quantcast Engineer

“I am constantly learning new things and that motivation never stops. The knowledge that you attain can be applied differently depending on the projects or domains that you are in.”

Angel Ting
Data Engineer

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