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Why care about website measurement? Quantcast featured in Technology Review this month

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Technology Review piece from this month on the challenges, issues and promise of digital measurement today, it’s worth a look. We enjoyed the article’s basic question about measurement, “Why care about something as arcane as dodgy audience measurement?” With a perspective of a publisher himself, writer Jason Pontin understands the answer to this question all too well – and describes the importance of audience measurement to the future of the media industry. Pontin pulls apart the story of measurement’s past, present and future, examining outdated panel-centric models and cutting to the chase about the number one challenge in digital, “…what worked with television doesn’t work nearly so well with the Web.” Pontin goes on to have a look at the promise of ‘built for digital’ approaches, and spends time with our CEO Konrad Feldman and Co-Founder Paul Sutter in our San Francisco office to get a better sense of how we do what we do – which ultimately is about a lot more than just measurement. The piece is an important look at the bigger picture issues facing media and advertisers today, and we’re thrilled to be part of the dialogue regarding real solutions. It’s great to see more mainstream media channels examining this story – and we’re eager to keep the conversation going.