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Why Are My Quantcast Numbers Low?

Occasionally, a user will ask “why are my numbers low in Quantcast?” If you are wondering the same, here are some things to consider.

What metric(s) are you looking at?
Quantcast can show you both cookie and people numbers. Whereas a cookie is just one file on a computing device, a person can generate any number of cookies on different computers and browsers. Also, Quantcast’s people statistic is not equivalent to the “absolute unique visitors” number other sites use. If you want to compare figures with other analytics services, page views is the best metric to use.

Did you recently add your property to Quantcast?
Before we can display monthly traffic information, we need to see 30 days of data. If you recently Quantified your site, we display daily and weekly reach.

Is your tag properly implemented?
An incorrectly implemented tag can produce low numbers. Please make sure that all relevant pages are tagged properly and that your tag has remained on all these pages (including new pages) during the period in question. For more information on using your Quantcast tag, check out our Web Measurement Implementation Guide.

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