Finding Dory – Sequel to Pixar’s beloved Finding Nemo and a return to their demographic sweet spot

“Just keep swimming,” Dory’s famous mantra, served her well as Finding Dory swam into theaters and broke box office records. The sequel to Pixar’s Finding Nemo follows forgetful Dory as she navigates the great sea to be reunited with her family. To celebrate Quantcast and Pixar’s presentation at Cannes, we dove into the data to understand how Pixar captures audiences’ attention and hearts.

Using Quantcast’s first-party data, we created a profile of the average Pixar searcher to find out who was most interested in their recent movie releases: Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur and Finding Dory. First, to get an understanding of a typical Pixar audience, we targeted adults (18+ year olds) that have searched for any Pixar movie in the last 3 months.

Compared to the average U.S. online user, adults interested in Pixar skewed more toward females, 18-24 years old, income of $0-50K and no college education.

Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur attracted a distinct profile
Inside Out, the clever look at a young girl’s complex emotional journey as she moves across the country with her family, drove interest from an audience heavily skewed toward females, higher incomes ($100K+) and college educated. A female-driven story featuring Amy Poehler and Mindy Kaling in starring roles helped drive interest in higher-powered females. Top professions included engineers and C-suite executives, while top interests were movies, music and travel.The visually stunning and geographically accurate landscapes depicted throughout The Good Dinosaur may be the reason why the film attracted a predominantly male, higher-educated (university/graduate degrees) audience than the other films. The overrepresentation of information technology professionals, comic/animation enthusiasts and environmentalists resulted in a vastly different profile for The Good Dinosaur, a possible factor in it being the first Pixar movie to lose money.

Finding Dory was a closer match to our average Pixar fan profile, compared to The Good Dinosaur and Inside Out. Finding Dory searchers skewed more female, younger and lower income. Similar to a Pixar searcher, Finding Dory skewed heavily toward Hispanics. Top interests for these searchers included travel, movies and humor.

As Pixar has proven time and again, when data is combined with creativity, it makes for a powerful story. From the classic Toy Story to Finding Dory, Pixar has been extremely successful at bringing creativity and technology together to tap into audience emotions of very diverse backgrounds. We definitely have Finding Dory on our summer watch list!

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