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Who Uses BitCoins?

In the past few weeks, Bitcoin has received a lot of attention in the media and from investors. Much less attention has been bestowed upon those who actually use this curious currency.

Relative Bitcoin Interest

We at Quantcast are all about measuring audiences; we’re also no strangers to a mining conversation over a delicious catered lunch. We dug a bit (no pun) to get some info about these masked coin collectors (we’ll call them Bitcoiners), using the vast visibility we have into habits of consumers on the Internet. This is what our proprietary data showed:

Despite rumors of the Winklevoss twins cornering the Bitcoin market, Bitcoiners skew only ever so slightly wealthier than the average population.

Bitcoiners do, however, skew young. More significantly, they tend to be very male.

It’s unsurprising that Bitcoiners have a lot of interest in technology-related terms

… And tend to hail from universities, especially from institutions heavy on engineering, such as RIT, MIT, Cal, and University of Waterloo up in Canada.

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Posted by Ksenya Gusak, Head of Sales Insights, and Mark Cooper, Engineering Manager – Measurement