The hoverboard, a self-balancing skateboard, was one of the top selling tech toys of the year and one of the most newsworthy. From a Christmas caroling priest to bans in major metropolitan areas and airlines, the toy burst onto the scene and, in some cases, into flames. Similar to our Apple Watch post, we wondered who is the consumer behind the hoverboard phenomenon?
Using Quantcast Audience Grid’s leading set of online behavioral data captured through Quantcast Measure, we are able to characterize the audiences of publishers’ websites, describing the occupation, vehicle ownership and more for people who searched for hoverboards in the last 6 months. We used NetWise professional data to look at the highest-indexing occupations and Oracle Data Cloud for vehicle ownership and other retail purchases.

The hoverboard over-indexes with consumers that are African American, higher income and have kids under 18  — either parents searching for kids’ gifts or for their own use. Consumers tend to be more tech driven, over-indexing on occupations in information technology and engineering. The high index with the legal profession could be due to lawyers hoverboarding around town — or lawyers researching lawsuits against hoverboard makers. Other retail purchases made by hoverboard fans point to a more luxurious consumer — over-indexing with Audi and BMW along with highend electronics like Apple and Bose. Next time you see someone on a hoverboard, see how their demographics stack up!

Quantcast - Characteristics of People Searching Online for Hoverboards

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