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What Does Your Audience Like?

Quantcast audience profiles include a unique and powerful report entitled “Audience Also Likes”. It describes the affinities which an audience has for other kinds of Internet content. You can get these reports for your own web property for free as part of Quantcast Measurement.

To access this information, go to In the search box, type in your website (e.g. and click Search. Your audience profile appears. In the right column, click Lifestyle.

The report is broken down into two sections: Affinity and Similar Audience. Affinity shows categories of Internet content that the audience is drawn to. For example, if an audience has a index of 7.8x for “humor”, this means that a visitor to this site is 7.8 times more likely to visit humor-themed sites than the average Internet user. Similar Audience shows specific sites the audience is likely to visit by category. Click a category (example “humor”) to show specific humor-themed sites (example: “”) that this audience is likely to frequent.