Accurate and insightful first-party data—marketers need it and publishers are holding the keys to a virtual treasure trove of audience insights.

Are you curious to learn how to deepen the connection with your audience using real-time audience insights?

Then you are in luck.

Bustle Digital Group, the largest premium publisher reaching millennial women and Quantcast clients, recently joined us for an Adweek webinar. The webinar focused on how Bustle is helping marketers tap into the power of their first-party data to create more meaningful engagement with clients.

Throughout the conversation, Quantcast Chief Marketing & Communications Officer Steven Wolfe Pereira and Bustle Chief Revenue Officer Jason Wagenheim discussed:

  • What is the publisher’s role as a partner to marketers and agencies?
  • How to maintain a relationship-based business in a digital-first world?
  • What do publishers bring to the table that walled gardens don’t?
  • How are publishers innovating? What can marketers take from these new practices?
  • Where do you see publishers’ role in a post-GDPR world?
  • How do you tell the insights story to marketers and agencies?

You can view it on demand here.