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What Audience is Consuming My Content?

In an earlier post, we described how Quancast audience segments enable you to break down audiences any way you want. You can base each segment on types of content to learn the characteristics of audiences consuming each kind of content. As an example, Network uses audience segments based on video channels. This allows Livestream to definitively answer the question: what audience is consuming X content. Let’s look at an example: the Movies Channel audience segment.

Traffic: Visitors to this channel has roughly doubled in the past 6 months.

Characteristics of audience watching this channel (as of 1/3/12):
59% male
19% viewers under 18
49% have no college degree
58% have no kids

Traditionally, metrics like this have been very expensive or difficult to obtain. But Quantcast allows you to see reports for your audiences for free, with traffic data even on a daily basis. Learn how set up your audience segments.