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WeeWorld has Joined Quantcast

WeeWorld has joined the Quantified Publisher program with more than half a million global monthly uniques.

See their Quantcast profile here:
WeeWorld is a social network built for fun where users can create cartoon avatars called “WeeMees” and invite friends, send messages, play games, and create their own online cartoon page.

WeeMees, which are integrated into the AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) Service, are all about expressing who you are.  Once you create your WeeMee, you can change your clothes or add a baseball glove, a monkey or a plate of sushi to tell the world a little more about yourself.

WeeWorld is very popular with people aged 18 – 24 and indexes high for those households with children aged 6 – 17.  The site’s audience skews female, and fully 50 percent of WeeWorld’s visits come from “addicts” who visit the site 30 times per month or more.

Thanks for joining Quantcast, WeeWorld.  WeeMees are great fun!