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Website Outage and Apology

From 8:13am EST until 11:05am EST today, the Quantcast web site was unavailable to users. The outage was caused by a power failure in our San Francisco website serving facility operated by Level3. We should have caught and mitigated this risk and kept the web site available and we apologize for the loss of service.

Some key points:

Quantified Publisher data collection was not affected. Our pixel servers operate from 7 locations worldwide and offer full redundancy – they continued to operate normally throughout this time period.

• Our daily update of audience profiles for Quantified Publishers will be delayed and we expect to be fully caught up by tomorrow.

We have already commenced an evaluation of our processes, infrastructure and vendor relationships in respect of this outage. You have our commitment that as we continue to grow, infrastructure scalability, performance monitoring and redundancy will be critical priorities for the company.

A sincere apology to users who were unable to access our services today. We will do better.

Konrad Feldman, CEO


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