In part one of Website Monetization: Creating an RFP that Wins, we shared several essential components of crafting a winning ad sales RFP. Those topics included the value of proper planning, knowing the agency’s needs, and the important role research plays in the RFP process.

In part two, we tell you what you need to know about building strong relationships with agencies. As a publisher, your reputation often depends on how you present yourself in your RFP response, and these tips will help you get on the agency’s good side.

Make a good impression

Agencies are looking for every possible sign that you’ll bring value to them and their clients.

If you want to impress an agency, make it clear you’ve done your research, and tell the agency exactly how you add value to them specifically. Let’s say, for example, you know the agency wants help improving their brand’s social media presence. This statement won’t be memorable to the agency:

“We have 50,000 likes on our Facebook page.”

But this statement will be:

“We offer 24/7 social media support with over 10 community managers in three different time zones in addition to having 50,000 followers on our Facebook page.”

See the difference?

Be open about your limitations

Be transparent — dozens of agencies say transparency is something they look for in potential partners.

While you should always highlight your strengths, it’s just as important to share where you might not be a good fit. Not only is expressing your limitations the right thing to do, it also creates a strong foundation of trust.

Remember it’s not about you

Finally, to craft an ad sales proposal that wins, you must remember that it’s not about you.

Of course, it’s important to determine if the agency is a good fit for your organization. Ultimately, however, you need to convince the agency why they should choose you.

As you complete each step of the RFP process, make sure you communicate the value you add to the partnership.

To learn more about how to create RFP responses that win partnerships, take advantage of the knowledge we’ve gained from working with hundreds of publishers, brands, and agencies. Check out our Guide To Winning Ad Sales RFPs to learn more.