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Using and Understanding Demographic Data

Quantcast audience profile reports include fascinating demographic data (see example). Demographic categories include Gender, Age, Ethnicity, Children in Household, Household Income and Education Level. Demographics are great way to determine the make up of your own audiences. You can get these reports for free as part of Quantcast Measurement.

To access this information for any Quantified site, go to, search for a web property or network, view the audience profile and click Demographics in the right column. Quantcast has several metrics for each demographic, which include:

Segment: Groups which comprise the given demographic. For example in the Gender demographic, the segments are Male and Female.

This site vs. total internet: This bar graph shows how the segments for this property compare to Internet averages for the demographic.

Index: This figure indicates how the demographic for the site stacks up against the entire Internet population. The higher the index number, the more concentrated a site is in a particular demographic.  See full definition.

Composition: This pie chart breaks down the site’s demographic composition. All the segments collectively equal 100%.