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User Diary: Weather Underground

Quantcast has been such a positive game changer in the media industry by creating quantified site metrics that place every publisher on a level playing field. Finally, media buyers have a trustworthy way to get a comprehensive snapshot of all relevant properties and compare apples to apples.

Weather Underground has partnered with Quantcast in countless ways. We use Quantcast Measurement to both define our audience and differentiate ourselves from the competition.

We leverage their solution for audience segmentation by placing Quantcast labels (Editor’s note: Learn more about showcasing your audience segments here!) on our pages, enabling us to understand the different types of users that are visiting different sections of our site. Not only does this approach help us provide advertisers with targeted campaigns within these content channels, but it also gives our marketing department valuable intelligence as we look to drive new users to specific sections of our site.  Our marketing department also uses Quantcast tags on our own advertising campaigns to define the profile of people clicking on our creative. We can then understand the ongoing activity of those cookies on

As part of Quantcast Audience, we were proud to be the first publisher to have a repeat order from an advertiser that used Quantcast to demo-target our audience. It’s a particularly valuable and effective tool for us as the weather category has such a broad demographic reach. We’ve also had positive feedback from our advertisers that have bought campaigns using Quantcast Lookalike audiences.

Quantcast has been a great partner of ours, and we look forward to working together to continue to stay ahead of the curve.

Richard Lowden
VP Sales, Weather Underground
Weather Underground’s audience profile on Quantcast.

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