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User Diary: Federated Media

Our partnership with Quantcast has enabled us to deliver a comprehensive media solution to leading brands. By packaging together our premium content offering with audience targeting, we have been able to increase our market share; scaling campaigns and providing high-value niche audiences.

Quantcast’s targeting solutions have proven successful across a number of verticals. Having the ability to segment out specific audiences across Federated Media has added a new dimension to our product suite and helped grow our share with major advertisers in the automotive and finance spaces. (Editor’s note: Quantcast audience segments give you a simple means to understand, define and package audiences any way you want. Set up yours today.) In the case of a leading financial institution, we continue to leverage Quantcast’s Lookalike targeting, to target their most valuable audiences at scale, in real time. Coupled with our brand safe environment and our influential conversations, we significantly outperformed other media and have continued to grow the relationship across a number of business lines at the advertiser.

Together, Federated Media and Quantcast have built a great foundation for a long term partnership that we are excited to grow in 2011 and beyond.

Pete Spande, SVP Sales
Federated Media
Federated Media Network’s audience profile on Quantcast.


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