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User Diary: Automattic/

At Automattic we’ve been using Quantcast to watch various visitor trends across our products, which include, Polldaddy, Gravatar, and IntenseDebate. We were tracking each of these products with different accounts, but kept wondering how much overlap there was. What was our global reach across these services?

Since Quantcast allows publishers to use multiple accounts, we decided to use our main account as our “global” one and continue to use some of the other accounts for specific sites. With this global account, we created a new label (Editors note: Learn more about showcasing your audience segments here!) named “type” with a value for each of our services. This gives us the best of both worlds because we can now see the bigger picture of things like global unique users across all of our sites and we’re still able to break down the data for each site by using labels or our other accounts.

On we use labels to track the blog language, whether we display an ad to the visitor, and what post tags draw the most traffic. It’s no surprise the most popular language is English, but you may not expect that posts tagged with the word “video” reach more people in the world than any other tag. We’re using labels to track the popularity of polls, surveys, and quizzes on Polldaddy, with polls leading the way by a large margin.


Raanan Bar-Cohen and Nick Momrik
Automattic Networks’ audience profile on Quantcast.

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