John Wanamaker, the marketing pioneer famous for the oft-quoted advertising adage Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half, would have gone to unthinkable lengths to utilize some of the technology available to marketers today.

Quantcast’s new Audience Insights tool is certainly one such technology.

Audience Insights, Quantcast’s new live consumer insights product, aggregates data from more than 150 million web destinations, including half of the world’s top 1,000 websites. Collectively, this data represents an impressive 70 percent of the time consumers spend online outside of search and social. Leveraging this data, Audience Insights gives advertisers and publishers a more comprehensive view of how consumers spend a majority of their time online, allowing them to more effectively allocate budget.

At Quantcast, has been building our network of live data insights for the past 11 years. This launch represents the first time we’re giving advertisers a such direct window into the insights that it can provide. While the product is in beta for now, we’re looking forward to helping clients explore and better understanding their existing audiences, as well as discovering brand new ones.


1) First & Foremost: Favorites

Advertisers enter keywords that describe their target audience—from favorite products and services to entertainment and fashion preferences.

2) Data at the Speed of Live

Leveraging Quantcast’s live data captured from over 150 million web destinations, Audience Insights highlights and scales that specific audience across the entire Internet, revealing not only demographic makeup, but the 20 most-visited sites and search terms of that audience.

3) Checks and Balances

Advertisers can use insights to validate or inform intuition or research as well as identify new, never-before-revealed audiences they should have been targeting all along.

4) Making Good Impressions

Quantcast’s artificial intelligence (AI) engine uses the Audience Insights-divulged audience as a blueprint to identify, target and scale a much larger, “lookalike” audience across all corners of the internet.

As the trailblazing Wanamaker once advised, Keep up the old standards, and day by day raise them higher. With the introduction of Audience Insights to Quantcast’s suite of products, that’s exactly what we’re doing by giving advertisers the rare ability to not only see where customers are coming from but where they’re going and why.

Audience Insights is available from today to advertisers in the US, UK, France, Germany and Australia, with more markets to follow in 2018. Please click here for more information on Quantcast’s brand products.