In the UK it’s a battle between the practical planners and the wedding well-wishers. 

Ahead of the wedding between the UK’s Prince Harry and his American wife-to-be Meghan Markle, Quantcast tapped into its AI-driven audience behaviour platform Q to reveal that American consumers are planning on celebrating the big day in true British style.

With Markle’s celebrity status bringing some US sparkle to the occasion, it seems that audiences in the States are planning on tuning into the TV moment with appropriately British treats to hand. Quantcast’s unique insights, based on live data drawn from more than 100 million web and mobile destinations, shows us that some of the most popular search terms among wedding researchers include Union Jacks, tea and sandwiches, clotted cream, and fascinators.

Royal Wedding Insights

The time zone issue doesn’t seem to be deterring audiences on the East Coast, with searchers most likely to be in DC, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware, and Vermont. Our data indicates that the searchers are most likely to be female, over the age of 45, and have been visiting UK media for information on the big day, including titles like The Sun, The Evening Standard, and The Independent.

Wedding well wishers vs. practical planners in the UK
On the other side of the pond, Brits are in two camps as they get ready for the big day. While some are prepping traditional street parties and celebrations for the wedding, others are more focused on avoiding the ensuing road closures and making sure they can catch the FA Cup Final – a major moment in the UK soccer calendar – on the same day.

Royal Wedding Insights

Football fans can breathe a sigh of relief however, as the nuptials should be well over by the time the game kicks off later in the afternoon.

Valuable insights for brands
While fun, these types of insights can prove critical for marketers looking to make the most of big cultural moments to grow their brand. Whether you’re a major US retailer looking to stock up on Union Jack flags and clotted cream, or a sponsor of the competition or the teams in the FA Cup final, such as Emirates and Nike, understanding ahead of time how consumers will engage with moments like this can give you an extra edge over your competition and make the most of your marketing budget.

About the findings
To mark the big day, Quantcast took a look into our data to see who was searching for the royal wedding in the US and the UK. The results provide an in-depth preview into the moment when audiences thousands of miles apart will be engaging with the same cultural event. To find out how Quantcast can help you better understand your audience and grow your brand, please visit our Brand Solutions page.