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Update on Traffic Reporting in Quantcast Measure

We’ve upgraded our measurement methodology to use both first-party and third-party cookie measurement, providing a more comprehensive view of web and mobile web traffic.

Quantcast Measure launched in 2006 using third-party cookies to aggregate traffic from multiple sites into single audience reports, and calculate audience demographics based on cross-site visitation patterns.

With the rise of smartphones and tablets there has been rapid growth in mobile web browsing. Today media consumption is truly cross-platform, and we want to ensure that Quantcast Measure maintains the most comprehensive and accurate traffic and audience measurement possible. So, throughout 2013 we’ve been working hard on a major measurement update to deliver traffic reporting that incorporates both first- and third-party cookies for even greater measurement accuracy regardless of the device used for media consumption.

With this change, your Quantcast Measure numbers will align more closely with analytics packages that use first-party cookies, such as Google Analytics and Omniture, while maintaining the flexibility to measure multi-site audiences. Your website may see an increase in measured traffic, particularly for mobile web audiences. The measurement update is applied retroactively to your historical data to ensure consistent reporting over time.

We’re committed to delivering the most accurate and robust cross-platform audience measurement. We think you’ll like this change and please let us know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

Posted by Jon Katz, Product Manager, and Sean McCormick, Director of Engineering, Measurement & Insights