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UK Market Focuses on RTB

Since announcing our expansion into European markets last year, Quantcast has been steadily gaining traction.

Last week, Quantcast was featured in Marketing Week’s Digital Strategy article “Why RTB is a Game Changer for Digital Ads.” Real time bidding, already a major force in US markets, is picking up steam in the UK as more and more companies adopt techniques to target audiences with online advertising. By targeting their specific audience profile, marketers are seeing dramatic increases in ROI – if they use the right tools.

Our UK Managing Director, Phil Macauley, weighed in. “With the advent of new technologies, publishers are being empowered with better tools to help them measure, segment and package their audiences and layer targeting on their packages where necessary.” He went on to explain the tools Quantcast offers to help both publishers and marketers/agencies succeed in a real time bidding environment.

One premium UK publisher, Channel 4, recently announced plans to offer video-on-demand ads using Quantcast, thereby allowing advertisers and agencies to target audiences based on demographic data, and in real time. Read the full story on Brand Republic.

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