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Uber and Cheezburger Take Cats on the Road, Find Even More Cat Lovers

Cat enthusiasm reached a fever pitch on Tuesday, National Cat Day, due in part to a promotion by car service Uber and Cheezburger, home of LOLcats. Uber users in New York, San Francisco and Seattle were allowed to summon kittens from local Humane Society and SPCA shelters to enjoy 15 minutes of snuggle time in their homes and offices. Demand quickly overwhelmed supply and many Uber users were left kitten-less.

The kitten shortage is not surprising when examining the audience demographics of the Cheezburger Network. Cheezburger’s audience tends to be younger, without kids, and is 5 times more likely than the general US connected population to look for kittens online, 8 times more likely to be interested in humor content and 1.7 times more likely to be interested in pets.

Cheezburger clearly understood their audience when designing this promotion. They endeared themselves to their cat-loving fans, while significant press coverage and cross-promotion with Uber exposed their unique brand of cat humor to just about everyone else.

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Posted by Maryam Motamedi, Product Marketing Manager, Quantcast Measure