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Travel, Teens & Movies

We’ve just added some new categories to the Siteographic analysis contained in the Quantcast audience profiles. Siteographics are a way of getting a quick gauge on the interests and habits of a particular website’s audience, by indicating the relative affinity that the audience has for certain media and products. To make it easy to interpret this data we organize the affinity analysis into various categories and today we’re adding three new ones: Travel, Teens and Movies.

TravelsiteographicsFor every audience profile, the Siteographics section displays the categories and specific destinations which display the strongest affinity relative to internet destinations on the whole. For example, consider the audience profile for, a popular travel shopping and comparison site. Travel is the top Siteographics category and within that other shopping and comparison sites rank the highest.

The index indicates how strong the affinity between the audiences of the respective sites, with an index of 100 indicating no particular distinction from any other pair of internet sites. Here the data indicates that visitors to Orbitz are over 20 times as likely to be visitors to than the average internet user.

For another example, check out movie site