At Quantcast, we’re fascinated by the wide range of content produced by publishers online, and the story the data tells us about the most popular sites on the web.

A quick look at demographic data doesn’t always share the whole picture, and that holds true for the women’s lifestyle niche.

In this post, we looked at websites that over-index for moms and various other lifestyle characteristics. We took these sites and ranked them by the strength of their aggregate index. Take a look at the top 25 list and our profile of each website below:

Top 25 Mom’s Lifestyle Websites

What the data says

Of course, with such a wide diversity of content and publications included in our top 25 sites for moms, it’s difficult to draw any definitive conclusions about the demographics of these sites. However, we noticed a couple of interesting things when going through the list:

  • Many of the most popular women’s lifestyle websites had a founder or co-founder who expressed their religious affiliation or faith on the site’s home or about page.
  • A vast majority of the sites we listed used a hybrid of affiliate links or advertising to generate revenue. Many of the websites also partnered with brands who would benefit from being exposed to the site’s audience.

But when it comes to website demographics, looks are not always what they seem.

Be sure to check out the Quantcast demographics page for each of the websites below (the link next to “Profile”). You might be surprised by what you find.

1. The Mom Beat

The Mom Beat


Founded by entrepreneur Candy Kirby, The Mom Beat “is a lifestyle, entertainment, and humor site for moms discussing parenthood, pregnancy, family, pop culture, news, food, home decor, funny pictures and videos, and gems…from around the web.”

Its relevant mommy memes, celebrity parent updates, and personal essays about motherhood make it a popular destination for mothers and those expecting.

As the site continues to grow, The Mom Beat has also expanded into topics such as health, food, and drink.

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Link: The Mom Beat
Profile: The Mom Beat

2. Happy Strong Home

Happy Strong Home


Founded by Julie Kieras, Happy Strong Home covers parenting topics such as homeschooling, travel, and DIY home projects.

With a heavy emphasis on wholesome and natural living as well as tips to raise toddlers, Happy Strong Mom is an excellent resource for those looking for holistic parenting tips tailored for young children.

Just under 75% of all visits to Happy Strong Home occur on mobile or tablet. The site’s readership also tends to be active on Pinterest.

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Link: Happy Strong Home
Profile: Happy Strong Home

3. Sunshine Momma

Sunshine Momma class=


With over 100K global views a month, Sunshine Momma has established itself as one of the go-to lifestyle blogs for moms. Founder and creator Brittany Kelly started Sunshine Momma as a way to cover topics relatable to the average family.

Britney shares her insights on family life, marriage, health, and more. With her approachable writing style and willingness to share the ups and downs of family life, she has built a thriving community filled with positivity.

With a 6.04x affinity for active military, Sunshine Momma is popular destination for military women across the country.

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Link: Sunshine Momma
Profile: Sunshine Momma

4. Rookie Parenting

Rookie Parenting


Rookie Parenting is a fantastic resource for a wide range of science projects. The site has dozens of DIY experiments you can do with your children.

With experiments suitable for toddlers all the way through high school, Rookie Parenting reaches over 30,000 people each month providing much-needed inspiration for parents everywhere.

Rookie Parenting appears to generate revenue through Amazon affiliate links.

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Link: Rookie Parenting
Profile: Rookie Parenting

5. Wheel’n Deal Mama

Wheel'n Deal Mama


Wheel ‘n Deal Mama, founded by Laura Dieckman, covers a wide range of motherly topics ranging from DIY crafts and recipes to common parenting and family issues.

A former self-proclaimed shopaholic, Laura also shares the latest deals on a variety of items on the site.

With hundreds of blog posts each month, Wheel ‘n Deal Mama’s community continues to grow as its high-quality content makes fans of moms across the country. As with many mom lifestyle blogs, Wheel ‘n Deal Mama viewership is popular among families active in the military.

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Link: Wheel’n Deal Mama
Profile: Wheel’n Deal Mama

6. The Multitasking Mom

The Multitasking Mom


Started in 2010 by creator Stephanie Eidson, The Multitasking Mom has since become a thriving community of mothers trying to “do it all.”

Covering topics such as homeschooling, homemaking, and “parent time,” The Multitasking Mom is an online resource full of tips on navigating the ups and downs of parenthood.

While the majority of The Multitasking Mom’s content is free to consume online, it offers a wide range of products to purchase, such as back-to-school planners and parenting guides. The Multitasking Mom also provides dozens of in-depth guides on animals, planets, and more.

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Link: The Multitasking Mom
Profile: The Multitasking Mom

7. Designthusiasm



Though this isn’t a site specific to moms, the French-inspired design blog Designthusiasm is a popular resource for anyone looking to improve their home decor. Founded by former fashion designer Lory Bernstein, the blog shares a wealth of tips and tricks to help make your home feel “warm and fuzzy.”

The site covers home decoration, tablescapes, and other lifestyle topics. Designthusiasm also offers a free eBook covering a year of season decor.

With over 50K monthly visits, Designthusiasm has established itself as a popular destination for those looking for decor inspiration. Active military viewership has a Quantcast affinity score of 8.44x.

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Link: Designthusiasm
Profile: Designthusiasm

8. Heart, Home and Travel

Heart, Home and Travel


Heart, Home, and Travel is a community dedicated to loving life at home and on the go. The blog covers topics such as pregnancy, toddlers, home finances, and more.

In addition to focusing on how to raise young children, Heart, Home and Travel covers tips on how to travel with your family and make the most of your time on the road.

Heart, Home and Travel also uses Amazon affiliate links as a way to generate revenue and is popular among women in the 25-34 age range.

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Link: Heart, Home and Travel
Profile: Heart, Home and Travel

9. Neighborhood Parents Network

Neighborhood Parents Network


Neighborhood Parents Network is a resource dedicated to families raising children in the city of Chicago.

With an incredibly active discussion board, upcoming events list, and local Chicago news, NPN is big with families across the city of Chicago.

According to NPN, the site has been the been the number one source for preschool and elementary school searches in Chicago for over 30 years.

NPN’s viewership has a high index of readers making more than 150K annually and has up to 50K global views a month.

10. Jitterberry



With the tagline “intentional living,” Jitterberry aims to share helpful and thought-provoking content centered on minimalism and unschooling.

Jitteryberry’s readership has a nearly equal viewership between the United States and the rest of the world, and this readership has a particularly high Quantcast index score of 168 for those with a grad school education.

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Link: Jitterberry
Profile: Jitterberry

11. Family Travel Magazine

Family Travel Magazine


Dedicated to all things travel, Family Travel Magazine shares tips and resources for traveling with a family.

With regular updates covering travel reviews, kid-friendly hotels, and travel deals, Family Travel Magazine is a one-stop-shop for planning the trip of a lifetime.

With over 5K global views last month, founder Jodi Grundig has clearly built something special.

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Link: Family Travel Magazine




Named one of the top 100 women blogs and websites in 2017, PRIME helps “redefine” women over 50, covering topics on relationships, health, travel, and fashion for the over-50 crowd. In addition to producing high-quality content, PRIME also generates revenue through their online store.

Considering PRIME’s tagline, it’s no surprise that the 55-64 age range has a Quantcast index score of 220, making it an incredibly popular destination for women in that demographic.

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Profile: PRIME

13. Proverbial Homemaker

Proverbial Homemaker


The Proverbial Homemaker is a community committed to helping women be the best mothers they can be. Founded by Tauna Meyer, the site aims to break down the myths and misconceptions of what it means to be a “perfect mom.”

Covering topics such as faith, family, and homeschooling, the Proverbial Homemaker has proven to be popular resource for mothers (and those expecting) to help navigate the challenges and joys of motherhood.

Around 70% of the Proverbial Homemakers’ traffic comes from a mobile or tablet source.

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Link: Proverbial Homemaker
Profile: Proverbial Homemaker

14. Living Life and Learning


Living Life and Learning was created to help mothers and parents navigate the world of homeschooling.

In addition to enjoying the homeschooling content on the Living Life and Learning blog, readers can purchase premium homeschooling courses and education in the online store.

The under-18 crowd has a Quantcast index score of 128.

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Link: Living Life and Learning
Profile: Living Life and Learning

15. Real Mom Nutrition

Real Mom Nutrition


Created by registered dietitian (and mom) Sally Kuzemchak, Real Mom Nutrition is a no-judgment zone about feeding a family.

With tips on how to pack the perfect lunch box and many delicious and healthy recipes, Real Mom Nutrition has been helping families with health and nutrition since 2009.

At over 130K views last month, Real Mom Nutrition continues to grow its thriving community dedicated to healthy living.

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Link: Real Mom Nutrition
Profile: Real Mom Nutrition

16. Mashup Mom

Mashup Mom


Founded by author and former librarian Rachel Singer Gordon, Mashup Mom covers healthy recipes and meal plans for families on a budget. In addition to covering all foods healthy, Mashup Mom also shares inspirational tips on how to live a frugal and meaningful life.

With over 68K monthly unique visits last month, Mashup Mom’s message of healthy and intentional living has clearly resonated.

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Link: Mashup Mom
Profile: Mashup Mom

17. Oxygen Magazine

Oxygen Magazine


Oxygen Magazine is a health and fitness publication that covers a broad range of exercises, recipes, and nutrition and has established itself as one of the more well-known health and wellness brands.

With frequently posted health and fitness challenges, Oxygen Magazine has built a community of women dedicated to the “Oxygen way.”

Viewers with a marketing background carry a Quantcast affinity score of 11.58.

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Link: Oxygen Magazine
Profile: Oxygen Magazine

18. Joy Food Sunshine

Joy Food Sunshine


Founded initially as a recipe blog, Joy Food and Sunshine quickly took the blogging world by storm. In addition to sharing mouthwatering recipes for the family, Joy Food and Sunshine also covers raising a family, pregnancy, and important life moments.

With over 330K global views last month, Joy Food and Sunshine will soon be a household name.

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Link: Joy Food Sunshine
Profile: Joy Food Sunshine

19. Urban Belle Mag

Urban Belle Mag


“An online magazine for black women,” Urban Belle was to created as a result of the lack of online publications for young and educated black women.

With thoughtful and relevant commentary on a wide range of the issues black women face, Urban Belle aims to become a media empire.

While popular among all age ranges, the 35-44 age carries a Quantcast index score of 150.

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Link: Urban Belle Mag
Profile: Urban Belle Mag

20. Living Well Mom

Living Well Mom


With the “Stress-free healthy living for empowered moms” tagline, Living Well Mom delivers informative and helpful content on topics such as autism, wellness, recipes, and family.

At just over 400K visits last month, Living Well Mom continues to grow and thrive.

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Link: Living Well Mom
Profile: Living Well Mom

21. BigTent



Owned by, BigTent is a massive online community and resource for parents all across the United States.

The booming BigTent community gives access to local parenting groups, neighborhood associations, and local PTAs. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can also post your most pressing parenting questions and get helpful feedback nearly instantly.

Despite over 1.6 million global views last month, the traffic is split evenly between desktop and mobile.

Link: BigTent
Profile: BigTent

22. Working Mother

Working Mother


Working Mother is a publication covering career, family, and lifestyle topics with the aim to be “mentor, role model, and advocate for the country’s more than 17 million moms who are devoted to their families and committed to their careers.”

With options for both free and premium content, Working Mother contains a nearly endless amount of useful information for mothers aiming to get ahead in both career and family.

The viewership of Working Mother carries a Quantcast index score of 150.

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Link: Working Mother
Profile: Working Mother

23. Mom365



Mom365 publishes information on everything from baby names and navigating pregnancy to how to be a great parent, Mom365 provides content to help new and seasoned mothers alike navigate the ups and downs of motherhood.

With over 6.1 million global views last month, Mom365 is no doubt one of the premier resources for moms around the world.

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Link: Mom356
Profile: Mom356

24. For Every Mom

For Every Mom


According to For Every Mom, being a mother should be fun and rewarding, and with the site’s humorous and informative content, it helps hundreds of thousands of moms. With topics like sharing pregnant moms’ “honest” Instagram posts or tips on how to raise a rebellious child, For Every Mom tackles important motherly issues in a fresh and modern way.

With its unique approach to covering issues mom care about, it’s no wonder For Every Mom had over 2.2 million unique monthly visitors last month.

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Link: For Every Mom
Profile: For Every Mom

25. Hometalk



Founded with the mission of “getting everyone to DIY more,” Hometalk has over 12 million community members and features tutorials, tips, and tricks for virtually any project imaginable.

Whether you’re looking to build a table for your dining room or want to sell your furniture the right way, Hometalk is there to help.

The site had over 65 million visits last month, and it’s interesting to note that the 55-64 age range carries a Quantcast index score of 223.

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Link: Hometalk
Profile: Hometalk

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