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TiVo and Quantcast Bring Marketers Cross-Platform Audience Analysis

Advertisers and media companies are constantly searching for better ways to evaluate advertising effectiveness and media consumption across platforms. Today, we announced our partnership with TiVo to bring the advertising marketplace an innovative TV and Internet audience reporting solution to provide cross-platform insights on an unprecedented scale. This new solution is the most comprehensive cross-platform media analysis solution available for correlating television viewership and online activity.

The TiVo/Quantcast partnership marries television viewership data from TiVo’s 35,000 household-strong opt-in Power||Watch™ rating panel and directly-measured data from Quantcast’s innovative direct measurement offering. The unique approach will deliver unprecedented insights on the overlap that exists between TV and online audiences and the effectiveness of TV advertising at driving specific downstream online actions (and vice-versa).

At Quantcast, we are focused on helping advertisers and media companies improve their understanding of real-time audiences, so that addressable advertising solutions can evolve, and this new partnership is a critical part of that effort.

You can find more details on the offering at the TV/Online Advertising Effectiveness overview and to inquire about using the service reach out to us directly.