An intelligent audience platform for the future of advertising

Today, we are excited to announce the Quantcast Platform, a new and modern intelligent audience platform for AI-driven audience planning, campaign activation, and measurement. The platform powered by Ara®, our AI and machine learning engine, enables brands, agencies, and publishers to know and grow their audiences, maximize outcomes, and grow revenues across the advertising ecosystem. 


When we set out to build the Quantcast Platform, we decided to bring about three fundamental transformations to address key customer pain points that we believed were table stakes for the future of advertising.

  • Transform the data
    The current state of data on the open internet is stale data that is loosely classified into packaged segments. With consumer interests changing quickly and unpredictably, this at times weeks-old data simply doesn’t provide a real-time view into consumer behavior that publishers, agencies and brands need. In the world of advertising, there is a huge emphasis on reaching “the right people in the right moment”. With stale data of intractable origin, that just remains an ideal that practitioners pursue with varying precision and mixed results.
  • Transform the workflows
    Over the years ad-tech has seen thousands of companies launch a myriad of different solutions. As a result the tech stacks and workflows today are complex and disconnected. While some existing solutions support connected planning, activation and measurement, the underlying audience data remains disparate and disconnected. This results in too much brittle integration, too many handoffs, and ultimately too much hoping and guessing. The fidelity of the audiences in the planning stage is often lost by the time they are activated–leading to poor results. The disconnected nature of the tech stack can also create silos in large organizations where different teams are working together, but don’t have a common view of the audience.
  • Transform where time is spent
    A direct consequence of stale data and disconnected workflows is ineffective use of practitioner time. To get the stale data to work for them, practitioners spend too much time tweaking parameters for performance optimization and manipulating data to uncover insights. Similarly, the complex workflows add to technical and user interface complexity, and force them to do fragile handoffs and track processes. As a result, brands and agencies get limited time to experiment, iterate, and drive creative high-impact marketing. On the other hand, publishers struggle to differentiate their audiences and monetize their inventory effectively, while also balancing the increasing privacy demands.


The Quantcast Platform takes a unique technological approach to these transformations by leveraging real-time data, AI and machine learning, and consumer consent. 

Say goodbye to stale data and hello to unique, real-time data
The Quantcast Platform leverages the Quantcast Measure dataset that has directly collected live data from over 100M+ web and mobile destinations. This robust and diverse data set, built over the last 10+ years, offers a unique, real-time view into ever-changing consumer behavior. The platform data can also be augmented with 1st-party data from customers’ marketing systems. As a result, instead of using loosely classified packaged segments, practitioners can build custom audience segments based on live consumer interests and intent.

Brand New Audience
  • Plan, activate and measure in just a few steps in a single, unified platform
    The Quantcast Platform was designed from inception to unify planning, activation, and measurement and put audiences at the very center. The same data and audiences as practitioners use in planning is used in activation. This ensures audience fidelity across workflows and gives practitioners the confidence that their planning and targeting strategy was faithfully executed in activation. It also allows for effective collaboration across large teams. The platform’s user experience and interface has been optimized for intuitiveness and ease of use which facilitates easy onboarding of new users.


  • Leverage the power of AI for effortless insights and performance at scale
    At the very core of the Quantcast Platform is Ara, our patented AI and machine learning engine.
    • Ara creates unique predictive models that operate on live data to provide an up-to-the-second understanding of consumer behavior and intent that empowers practitioners to reach new audiences with higher precision.
    • Ara’s custom-built audience analytics turns a trillion online signals into an insights playground and surfaces actionable audience and campaign insights with a highly intuitive, interactive, and instantaneous experience. No more data manipulation and hunting for insights.
    • Ara’s closed-loop system monitors campaigns in real-time to automatically adjust thousands of parameters for optimal campaign performance. Practitioners no longer have to spend time pulling bid levers because Ara does it for them.

Ara automates the automatable, while empowering the humans in the loop to focus on creativity and experimentation. Brands and agencies can now spend their valuable time refining their marketing ideas and use their creative energy to experiment with new audiences, creatives, and campaign strategies, while publishers can focus on creating content their audiences enjoy and monetize their inventory more effectively.

Insights Image
  • Get consumer first, consent first solutions to thrive in a privacy-first world
    The introduction of GDPR in Europe started the consumer privacy movement, and other regulations like CCPA in California and PDPA in Singapore are following suit. It is likely that soon every part of the open internet will require clear consent from consumers to use their data. With this in mind, leveraging Quantcast Choice, we have built privacy and identity management capabilities into the very foundation of the Quantcast Platform to future-proof for a privacy-first world.

Get consumer first, consent first solutions to thrive in a privacy-first world


The results we’ve seen so far have been unparalleled. As an example, while it takes brands and agencies less than 3 minutes on average to set up an advertising campaign, campaigns have 120% better performance than goal on average. This is exactly the sort of efficiency and efficacy that we set out to achieve.

We have been humbled and overwhelmed by the support and appreciation from our customers.

“The audience insights are incredible. Full transparency on budget spend, and control over targeting strategy are key benefits for us. Our client is happy with the performance – we’ve had some really strong results.”

Michaela Parmar, Team Lead, Paid Search, ForwardPMX

“We now optimize towards an event and let the algorithm do its thing. This allows us to focus more of our time on creative messaging strategy as well as partner development.”

Sagar Budhrani, Senior Marketing Acquisition Manager, Stash

“10/10 easy. Only required the single session to run through with the guys, then we’ve been able to do everything from our side. Very intuitive, very simple.”

James Roddan, Senior Account Executive, m/SIX

“Quantcast’s unique real-time data helps Forbes build deeper partnerships with our advertisers by uncovering detailed insights into our audience, including their interests and behavior. We’ve successfully applied that data to grow our long-standing partnerships in addition to building new relationships with previously untapped industries and brands.”

Alyson Williams, VP Digital Business Strategy & Operations, Forbes


We plan to keep innovating, transforming and bringing our expertise to the market.  Our early adopter program is open for participation. We invite you to join and give us your feedback today to help steer the ship towards the platform of tomorrow.

Your future with advertising starts now

We have strived to tackle the root problems of adtech today. The launch of the Quantcast Platform is a big step towards our mission to champion a free and open internet, where publishers thrive, brands and agencies thrive, and consumers benefit.  To learn more about how the Quantcast Platform helps publishers, brands, and agencies, visit our detailed product pages here.