To add a bit of whimsy when we most need it, Quantcast brings you a Valentines’ Day Poem highlighting content browsing behaviors from around the globe and showcasing how key markets are planning for a unique Valentine’s Day at home.

A Quantcast Valentine’s Day Poem

They say all the lovers are in Paris
but you may wonder if this is true.
Quantcast first party data insights
can solve this for you.

We did a little digging
to see what we could find.
With Valentine’s Day approaching, 
let’s see what’s on your mind.

Australians love their celebrities,
Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber and Rihanna to name a few.
Was this for Galentine’s Day 
or Rihanna allowing us to ‘Make it all about you’?

Americans are putting up decorations
and doing easy DIY
Add cookie recipes and baking, a bit of homemaking effort
to show their partner that they tried.

Next over to the UK: what do they have planned?
The Brits are reaching for their cookbooks 
for menu ideas to make sure their dinners are not bland. 
Add the PGA tour and MTV
for a solid night of lockdown romance more than guaranteed.

Here comes a real test of the data:
Is France really full of romantics?
Or are we being fooled and is it just a load of dramatics? 
Interests in weddings, shopping, and Starbucks brew 
so maybe there is hope
and the cliché is true.

Jumping to fashionable Italy.
One thing is clear,
Valentine’s Day is about what you see in the mirror.
With their jewellery on point and eyeliner in check 
let’s hope while rushing with their last minute gifts
they don’t hit the deck.

The Irish opt for the small things:
Headphones, mugs, beauty products and flowers
Flirty and thoughtful gifts
amidst the rain showers.

Love comes in the mail for the Germans,
browsing things on Amazon that seem out of sync, 
Lingerie, socks, and sweatpants 
show romance and comfort, combined in a blink.

The Swedish want humour.
Moments to laugh, joke, and enjoy
They are looking for happiness 
so don’t you play coy.

Our global insights journey complete,
we tapped into key market trends
to help you understand your customer 
and how they might spend.

Roses are still red
And Violets are still blue.
Let us help you plan your audiences 
so your brand can break through. 

Poem By Quantcast

*Words in bold are pulled from the Quantcast Audience Planner, where marketers can discover valuable audience insights to elevate marketing strategy. 

Source: Quantcast Audience Planner, January 1-18, 2021, Top 50 Keywords by Market