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The Olo Game Hit: Measuring Starbucks Pick of the Week Success with Quantcast

On June 18, the social and strategy gaming app OLO was featured as Starbucks Pick of the Week. Christoph Lorenzi, interactive developer, and Matt Rice, cofounder and creative director at Sennep, developed the mobile app at the UK interactive design firm as part of an internal project. The unsuspecting hit, originally a Web app quickly grew a following of 50,000 players and led the team to develop an iOS version of the game. This took off, earning the team an iTunes Apple Editor’s Choice selection for what the Daily Mail has referred to as “Skeeball for the 21st century.”

OLO was designed as a social game that allowed people to sit around a device and play together in a relaxed environment such as a bar or coffee shop. With this in mind Sennep considered reaching out to Starbucks about being featured. As Matt recalls, “We were delighted when Apple got in touch out of the blue to tell us that they had recommended the game to Starbucks as a potential Pick of the Week. After playing it for an evening someone at Starbucks was hooked and agreed it was a great match.” Thanks to our good friends at the Webby Awards, where OLO was a nominee and honoree in 2012 and 2013, who recommended that OLO get Quantified with the Measure for Apps SDK to show off their success publicly.

OLO implemented the Measure for Apps SDK just as the Starbucks promotion hit thousands of stores in the U.S. and Canada. Installs increased by 227 percent, exposing the game to a huge North American audience where they had previously put no marketing effort.

From the metrics below, we can see that most people playing OLO connected on Wi-Fi. OLO has confirmed they’ve seen a significant amount of new trial usage and attribute it to new Wi-Fi users in Starbucks. Only 5 percent were disconnected and playing the game in airplane mode or out of cellular reach.

We played OLO both on iPhones and iPads at the office. The iPad obviously offers a much larger surface area, and the smaller screen size is a reason why the developers debated not making an iPhone version. In retrospect, it’s wise they did as they’ve been surprised at how popular the iPhone version has proven to be in light of the Starbucks promotion.

Overall the Starbucks promotion has been a terrific boost for the app, and the team has been tracking the return usage patterns of new installs. As Matt explains, “it’s great to be able to see so much trial usage. These are likely people that would have otherwise never had the opportunity to find out about the game. We like that we’ve had the flexibility to hide or show the Quantcast metrics when it makes the most sense for us. We’ve seen in the UK that users tend to stick around and play OLO, and expect that after such a big promotion we’ll see that in North America as well.” Matt and Christoph have also reported seeing a significant boost in their paid version despite the promotion being for their free app.

“We’re grateful for the accolades and huge exposure opportunity to a great audience. We intend to follow the metrics with a keen eye to help us understand our users’ behaviors better and improve the game with future updates,” says Christoph.

If you are not familiar with the game, please watch this review:

Posted by Scott Murff, Product Manager, and Maryam Motamedi, Product Marketing Manager, Quantcast Measure for Apps