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The Measure API Now Includes Mobile Traffic and Demographics

This week we released new enhancements to the Measure API so Measure users can now programmatically access their traffic and demographic data for all their properties, segments and platforms. We introduced the Measure API earlier this year to provide publishers with large numbers of properties or segments a more convenient way to download and analyze their Measure data. In this release, we’ve added multi-platform support, so publishers can now programmatically get their mobile app data in addition to their web data.

The following is available via the Measure API:

  • traffic, upgrade/install and demographic data for owned properties
  • filter by platform: web, mobile web and mobile app
  • view data at the network, site, app or segment levels

What can you do with the Measure API?

The API makes traffic and demographic data available programmatically, so an account owner can download and analyze their data more easily, and with greater detail than possible with the standard dashboard. We’ve heard a number of interesting uses from our conversations with early API users:

Identify Trends
See how the demographic composition of a particular property changes over time. By downloading demographics at regular intervals, a property owner can identify trends, and gauge the success of audience engagement efforts over time.

Buzzfeed, an early test user, measures audience engagement with their content by author and topic. They are using the API to download traffic and demographics by topic over time, to understand trends in their readership. Explains their Lead Data Developer Steve Heinz, “The API enables us to access all of this data very dynamically and integrate it with our internal systems. With mobile tracking as one of our top goals next year, using the API to slice and dice our data by platform will be invaluable.”

Power Your Dashboard
Keep tabs on daily traffic. Use the API to pull in traffic data into an internal dashboard, so the whole organization can stay on top of site health and trends.

Sell More Effectively
Use the API in combination with Measure audience segments to better understand the audiences behind a publisher’s targetable ad inventory. Using demographics by segment, a publisher can equip ad sales teams to tell a more effective audience story and create more compelling proposals.

Learn More

For more information about the API, and to sign up, go to After completing the signup process, Measure users can use the interactive console at to execute API calls against their live data without writing a single line of code.

For any questions or feedback about the Measure API, please contact us at

Posted by Jon Katz, Product Manager and Art Prateepvanich, Head of Product Marketing, Publisher Solutions