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The HTC Incredible and Evo 4G have arrived!

Earlier this week Apple announced their latest salvo in the smartphone wars, the iPhone 4. But other vendors aren’t holding back either and two recent HTC releases have seen impressive debuts. At the end of April the HTC Incredible launched on Verizon and last week the Sprint Evo 4G, also manufactured by HTC, launched.  Both quickly reached 1% of all mobile web consumption in the US, with the Evo 4G having a particularly solid launch. Would this have been possible if the iPhone were available on networks other than ATT?

For comparison we also highlight the Google Nexus One (manufactured by HTC), with 6 months in market the device has failed to garner the level of web utilization that the Evo 4G achieved in just two days, and the small spike in May, corresponding to an ATT store launch, was short lived.

Model Share of Mobile Web Consumption US