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The How-To Geek Has Joined Quantcast

The How-To Geek has joined the Quantified Publisher program with more than half a million global monthly uniques.

Check out their Quantcast profile here:

The How-To Geek is designed to be the best source of ‘How-To’ articles anywhere, with content that is easy enough for beginners while being useful enough for ‘geeks’ as well.

The site is popular with men of all ages, and increasingly so as they grow older. Fans also frequent Notebook Review, PC World, CNET and PC Magazine — several of which are Quantified Publishers — as well as the official sites for Intel, CompUSA, Hewlett Packard and Gateway.

Sites with a similar audience include such computer self-help resources as TweakVista, WinMatrix and Vistax64.

Thanks for joining Quantcast, How-To Geek — we appreciate the tips!