Unilever’s recent commitment to halve its use of virgin plastics illustrates the growing importance for marketers of understanding customer’s concerns and attitudes when it comes to the environment. Coming hot on the heels of Greta Thunberg’s high-profile visit to the US, rarely has global interest in the environment and the role of brands been higher.

But where is demand highest for this trend, and how can brands with strong environmental credentials best reach those consumers most likely to become customers? To find out more, Quantcast analyzed content consumption behavior among US internet users in September 2019 in relation to a range of conscious consumerism topics.

We found two main drivers of interest in these issues:

The green dollar

As illustrated in the graphic above, having higher disposable income appears to be closely linked to interest in conscious consumer topics. Whether the recent publicity around the issue and ongoing debate drives interest and awareness among a wider spectrum of consumers is yet to be seen. We’ll be checking back on this topic to see how this evolves.

Family legacy

The other significant trend among internet users searching for these issues is that they are more likely to have children in the household. Two-thirds (65%) of internet users interested in content relating to reusable straws had children in the household. The trend is similar for single-use plastics (54%), electric cars (57%) and energy saving (58%)

It seems that starting a family could be a trigger for being more considerate of the future we’re creating for the next generation. This may also align with a sudden and significant increase in disposable products entering the household, from baby wipes to diapers and clothes that will soon be grown out of.

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