If you’re a lawyer, you’re probably rooting for the Empire.

We’re just days away from the box office opening of the latest entry in the Star Wars saga. Since the original movie’s 1977 release, this space opera has grown from a far-out fantasy film into a massive part of pop culture. Now, with The Force Awakens opening on December 18, we thought we’d dive into the data and see what the digital habits of its fans might tell us about the individual characters that make Star Wars beloved by so many.

Who We Looked At

A typical Star Wars fan is likely male, aged 18-44, watches science, history and horror TV shows and works in IT or legal. We took that profile as the baseline and compared how each character’s fan base differed from there. For the analysis, we chose a mix of legacy characters that have been there since the beginning and a few making their first appearance in the new trilogy.

Darth Vader: The bad guy to end all bad guys. Also a pretty questionable father figure.

Luke Skywalker: The hero of the original films. Makes a remarkable transformation from whiney kid to complete badass.

Han Solo: Charming rogue who reluctantly joins Skywalker in saving the galaxy. He shot first.

Princess Leia: Leads the rebellion to victory over the Empire. Stands toe to toe with anyone in the badass department.

Kylo Ren: The mysterious new bad guy — and maker enthusiast, judging by his home-built lightsaber.

Finn: Candidate for the new trilogy’s hero. Starts off as a bad guy stormtrooper, but seems to have a change of heart.

Rey: Another likely hero for a new generation. Clearly picks up Leia’s mantle as a force to be reckoned with.

What We Found

Each character has a unique demographic when compared to the average Star Wars fan. For instance, Darth Vader fans are most likely to work in criminal justice, Leia fans skew heavily female and Luke fans have the highest salary. Check out profiles of each character below.

To gauge character popularity, we looked at the number of web page visits related to each character for a week following the trailer release in October. Luke was the most read about character, perhaps due to his mysterious absence from the promotions for The Force Awakens.

Popularity of Star Wars Characters

Using Quantcast Audience Grid, we are able to characterize audiences of publishers’ websites, describing their occupation, TV viewing habits and more. For this study, we looked at how fans of the individual characters (as measured by their visits to Web pages related to those characters) compare to one another across categories such as age, income and gender. Using NetWise professional data, we also layered on the highest-indexing occupation for fans of each character.


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Posted by Lauren Young, data insights research manager, Nilkanth Patel, UX designer and Arvind Raghupathy, software engineer.