You can assess all the data you want coming into the race, but it’s still all down to how you feel on the start line, how much you can give, and it’s still just one big mind game.”

Paul Manning, Team Great Britain Trainer and Data Enthusiast

Olympic Performance Coach for Team Great Britain Cycling, Paul Manning, opened the session with insight into how he utilizes technology to gather data and optimize the performance of Team GB athletes.
Then joined by Olympic Gold Medalists Laura (Trott) Kenny and Jason Kenny, Team GB offered candid insight into the arms race for data in elite sports and how this new world of data can be both beneficial and burdensome for world-class athletes. Inspiring, emotional and genuine, this session was a fitting capstone to SupernovaUK.

“The Data-Driven Journey To Olympic Gold” : Laura Trott, Jason Kenny, Paul Manning from Quantcast on Vimeo.