The advertising landscape on the open internet is changing rapidly as the technology of the past starts to crumble. Google may have called extra time on the demise of the third-party cookie, but marketers and agencies should plan for the future now to avoid a mad-dash in 2023.  

You know the old adage: in change, there is opportunity. We assert that advertising in a cookieless environment is an interesting opportunity right now. Why? Because activating advertising in Safari and Firefox environments can reveal potentially inaccessible audiences or “hidden prospects” on the open internet. At Quantcast, we analyzed the data behind consumer browsing patterns and we found that at least 50% of consumers are already browsing in a cookieless way in those environments.

By looking at this from a different perspective, it becomes evident: if you’re not advertising on cookieless inventory today, then it’s a missed opportunity for you as an advertiser. So how can you take advantage of this opportunity today, accessing previously inaccessible inventory and benefiting from potentially lower costs with inventory that has few others competing for it? 

Quantcast enables activation and measurement, independent of third-party cookies, and the Quantcast Platform now has these future-proof capabilities. Our one-click cookieless activation is currently live in-market globally and driving growth for our clients, and the results are promising.  

Joseph McKenna, Head of Programmatic at MFUSE, affirms: “With Quantcast’s cookieless solution, we’re able to reach more of our audience and in environments where we previously couldn’t reach them, resulting in increased exposure, onsite actions, and greater campaign effectiveness.” 

Cookieless Global Release Mckenna Mfuse

In the luxury car manufacturer’s first cookieless campaign, 51% of converters came from cookieless environments. The client was able to double the conversions in cookieless environments with Quantcast’s technology. They also achieved 7x cost efficiency in cookieless environments compared to cookie-based environments on the Quantcast Platform, thanks to a significantly lower cost per thousand (CPM). The key takeaway is that Quantcast can double the effective scale of business outcomes with our technology

While early results are positive, cookieless activation is still in its early days, so the results will continue to evolve and shift as we make progress. And we continue to make improvements, including more advanced measurement and insights to give our clients greater knowledge on where and how to find their consumers. 

For more on how to prepare for a cookieless future, I’ll be speaking with Ruth Mortimer, Managing Director of Global Education at Advertising Week, Joseph McKenna, Head of Programmatic at MFUSE, and others on 27 January at 1pm EST to share how advertisers can embrace innovation and enter this next chapter of advertising on the open internet. Register now to join us for the virtual event.

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If you want more information about Quantcast’s cookieless solutions, watch our on-demand webinar Unlock Cookieless Environments with the Quantcast Platform, and to learn how to get started with cookieless campaign testing, click here. You can also contact us to learn more.