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The Art and Science of Quantcast

By Christina Cubeta

Quantcast was founded in 2006 with its Measure product, a free tool to help the world better measure and understand digital audiences. Soon thereafter followed Quantcast Advertise, our programmatic advertising solution, putting some of the most advanced engineering and computing power behind big data to deliver connected experiences that are increasingly more enjoyable by improving relevance and reducing noise. With the tools we’ve developed over the past decade in Quantcast Measure, Quantcast Advertise, and one of the largest proprietary data sets outside of search and social, we have an unmatched understanding of the digital world. We see the patterns of behavior that make up digital commerce and culture that no one else has the acumen or infrastructure to see.

We are driven by the potential for big data to radically improve our connected experiences and continually transform the way we make sense of the world. We believe that more informed conversations lead to better relationships, and our vision is to offer the power of big data to organizations and consumers alike.

This potential is big and important. And when we reflected on the way our brand communicated that with the world, we felt we’d outgrown our skin. While our prior logo and communications have served us well over this past decade—expressing our foundation in mathematics and analysis through the Greek alpha embedded in our name—we found that they could communicate much more about the creativity and humanity represented through our science.

And while our website is one that is used by many to discover the quantified numbers of some of the most important websites in the world, we wanted to show you a stronger side that better reflects how the marriage of Quantcast Measure and Advertise delivers a powerful suite of products for the smart marketers and publishers of the future.


A New Look

As a company, we have been measuring anonymous behavioral data from across the entire Internet—a significant amount of all of connected humanity online—for almost a decade. By understanding commerce and culture through the real-time behaviors and actions within the connected universe, we are in a great position to unlock insights that can solve some of the biggest challenges—or just make our connected lives that much better.

So today, we are excited to launch the new face of, with a new logo and brand mark, and introduce a stronger expression of what we do, what we believe, and where we’ve come from.


The new brand mark is both a Q and a measuring tape, to pay homage to our focus on measuring and understanding the full scope of what we do online. It now also becomes a clearer representation of the window we provide onto commerce and culture, captured in a series of custom-made animated patterns, which will unveil themselves through the year. Because of the scale of our anonymized data, we see patterns in behavior that no one else can see. These patterns tell us what people desire and what people care about in real time. They offer a true reflection of the current culture, as well as an incredible indicator of what’s next. Now, the Quantcast brand reflects our unique ability to find meaningful patterns in the noise created by the billions of people and businesses on the web every day. And it more accurately reflects the art that is a critical part of our science.

We invite you take a tour through our new brand site, which is home to our vision statement and expands on our redesign, featuring a few of our new custom patterns.


These patterns were uniquely commissioned by us and designed to represent and reflect culture—the things people are buying, doing, desiring, and caring about. In addition to several developed by our partners at JaegerSloan, we collaborated with artists from around the world to create original animations to represent some of the industry verticals we work with, such as consumer packaged goods (CPG) or auto, and the real-time nature of what we do. If you look closely, small, unique details begin to jump out.

As our identity is more than just a mark, we’ve also revamped the entryway to our products with a new face to that helps you better find the tools you need to achieve, and surpass, your business goals—as well as get insightful content, like reports and webinars, to grow your knowledge on the most important industry topics right now.


A big part of building something new is paying careful attention to the impact that change has on your experience and any bugs that may pop up. So we invite you to please share with us what you think as you navigate through the site and alert us if anything seems off to you, here.

We extend a huge thank-you to the internal teams at Quantcast who worked hard to bring this to life, Area 17 for website design, our branding partners JaegerSloan, and the artists Alan Boardman, Ellen Porteous, and Leah Tinari for their gorgeous contributions to this project. We are so excited to share the new Quantcast brand with you.

Posted by Christina Cubeta, VP Global Marketing