As many on my team know, I love alliterations because they help simplify concepts in a memorable way.  This week marks my one-year anniversary at Quantcast, so it seemed fitting and appropriate to share my thoughts with the 3Ps: People, Platform, and Purpose. Why 3 Ps? Well, it came to me almost immediately, because one of the things that is great about Quantcast is the people…. So, the 3 Ps it is. 


The people at Quantcast are smart, respectful, and great at what they do. I started my role as CMO in the middle of the pandemic behind a video screen. From the team I’m on to the team I lead, I was warmly welcomed by everyone. It didn’t seem to matter that I hardly met people in person. We all got along, joked, and collaborated, regardless of location. Although Quantcast is headquartered in San Francisco, we regularly reach across borders to those in London, Sydney, New York City, and Toronto. Those first few months were a blur as the marketing team tirelessly worked on transforming our brand position in the market: from launching an entirely new website and creating an amazingly successful virtual customer event we call NOVA with thousands attending to developing new awareness campaigns and content and a whole lot more.  

What impressed me the most about all the people at Quantcast is their ability to be agile, produce results, be creative, and try new things. The marketing team has become a “well-oiled machine,” as our web guru said recently. We know how to get things done quickly. We have fun, we laugh, we help each other out, and we play our positions so we can be more efficient and do more with less people than our peers. I’m very proud of the Quantcast marketing team across the globe and honored to be a member of this world-class team.


I was initially attracted to Quantcast because of its amazing technology–specifically, its new and modern intelligent audience platform, which operates on real-time unique data and uses machine learning to determine the right audience for both advertising and marketing campaigns. It’s a game-changer. We launched the Quantcast Platform into the market earlier this year, and the customer reaction has been more positive than any of us thought possible. Why? Because every marketer and ad agency can benefit from the real-time audience insights and intelligence with an easy-to-use interface; you can not only plan campaigns with unique audiences, but also activate them, and then measure them for their effectiveness. Also of note, the Quantcast Platform eliminates the need for multiple solutions or a messy ad tech stack; it is a single unified and integrated platform. In fact, our customers often tell us about the amazing results they have been getting. Check out what they have to say at our customer reference page.

The engineering team here is exceptional and releases new capabilities for the platform on a regular basis, including, just recently, a cookieless option that puts marketers two years ahead of Google’s 2023 cookie deprecation date. Early adopters can gain results today and reach cookieless environments with a single click, which can be a significant opportunity for them. 


As for this P,  it is one of the things that makes me very proud to be a Quantcaster. Our purpose is to champion a free and open internet. The internet is everything to so many of us and did not let us down during the pandemic. How else would we have coped, communicated, worked, browsed, played, and learned? Quantcast is committed to helping publishers thrive by reaching their audiences with the same platform. Publishers want to effectively engage audiences while continuing to develop great content that everyone can have access to. The alternative to a free and open internet is one that is fee-based, siloed, and closed–something akin to the “walled gardens” the tech giants have created. I love being able to work for a company that has a shared purpose and where technology helps make that purpose possible.

Bonus P: Pets
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Quantcast has a fun and engaging culture, and since we’ve been mostly remote this last year, we use Slack, among other tools, to communicate and collaborate. Two of the Slack channels that I follow are about our puppies and pets: #fun-dogsofquantcast and #fun-quantcats. These channels never disappoint, and reveal the personalities of our team and their pets. Poppy is probably my favorite puppy. I’m not sure who is dressing her at home, but I think Poppy makes me smile the most, and of course, Poppy starts with a P, too. Pets also appear in our meetings from time to time!

So, there you have it…. the 3 Ps of my first year’s experience, plus one bonus P.  Quantcast is a great company to work for. If you want to join us, check out our open positions at and, of course, follow us on social media.

Footnote: For those of you who read my other blogs or watched some of our webinar series, you’ll know that I have also spoken a number of times about another 3Ps: the 3Ps of Demystifying AI in Marketing. Check it out.