Reaching more of the same consumers, with slightly lower incomes

Sight unseen, over 276,000 people have put a deposit on Tesla’s Model 3 ‒ a vehicle that’s been characterized as the first mass-market vehicle from the luxury car maker. The lower price tag of $35,000 has certainly made this premium brand more accessible to more consumers, but are the masses truly ready to make the leap into an all-electric future?

Using Quantcast Audience Grid and Relevate Auto data, we analyzed consumers who have shown interest in the Model 3 over the 60 days leading up to the unveiling and compared them to current Tesla owners. We found that while the Model 3 has attracted interest from a wider audience, it might be a stretch to characterize them the masses, unless your definition of the masses includes a disproportionate number of corporate board members.

Model 3 brings a younger, mid-income demographic to the brand
Current Tesla owners tend to be male, older (45+ years old), higher income ($100K+) and Asian. The Model 3 searchers also skew male and Asian but bring in a younger demographic (35-44 years old) and slightly lower income ($50-100K) ‒ a testament to the lower, more appealing price point.

demographics of tesla owners versus model 3 searchers

Attainable for high-income occupations
Current Tesla owners exclusively over-indexed with corporate board members and the C-Suite in terms of profession. While the Model 3 indexed highly with board members, it also brought in a wider variety of high-paying occupations like consultants, engineers and medical professionals.

Environment dominates interest of owners and searchers
Both Tesla owners and Model 3 searchers showed significantly high interest in the environment and ecology. Other similar interests included shopping, classic cars and technology/science news. Tesla owners indexed highly with computer hardware, travel and cooking while Model 3 owners indexed highly with fitness, consumer electronics and movies.

occupation and interests of tesla owners versus model 3 searchers

Converting luxury and aspirational brand car owners alike
The Tesla brand name likely raised interest in the Model 3 among luxury car owners (Lexus, BMW, Mercedes) while the more affordable price tag appealed to aspirational car brand owners (Infiniti, VW). Current hybrid owners may be ready to make the step to all electric as they indexed highly with the Model 3; diesel drivers also indexed highly, perhaps an aftermath of the diesel engine recall last year.

cars owned by tesla model 3 searchers

Interest in Model 3 focused in states with Tesla dealerships
Previously we saw usage of Tesla’s browser concentrated in California. While California still makes up the highest percentage of Model 3 searches, interest is more nationally spread out and clustered around states with the most Tesla dealerships. The number of dealerships in a state correlated with a higher proportion of searches for the Model 3.

states with the greatest interest in the tesla model 3

People with early interest in Tesla’s Model 3 appear to fit the mold of electric car early adopters ‒ people who are very interested in the environment, decreasing dependency on oil and with generally higher income. The lower price point has attracted more interest from a slightly less wealthy tier of high-income consumers compared to Tesla’s existing customers, and the 276,000 people on Tesla’s waitlist attest to this group’s buying power. As to whether this predicts a future of mass appeal for this car, the interest shown by current Infiniti, VW and Lexus owners points to real potential down the road.

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