Financial institutions have had to adapt quickly to meet their customers’ needs during the pandemic. TD Bank, one of Canada’s largest financial institutions and among the top 10 in North America, wants to give its customers “the confidence to thrive in a changing world,” and so anticipating and responding rapidly to their changing expectations is a top priority. 

Viviana Machado leads TD Bank’s digital transformation team, which manages consumers’ experience online with the goal of helping them take advantage of the financial services offered by TD. During Quantcast’s Virtual NOVA, Viviana sat down with our CEO, Konrad Feldman, to discuss the long-term partnership between TD and Quantcast and how they have recently worked together to meet objectives. 

In 2020, during the early days of the pandemic, TD saw a heavy rise in investment products. According to Viviana, “Quantcast was able to help us understand a rise and change in consumer behavior through the platform and the use of your behavioral data and market data. And so we were able to watch for those key changes in consumer behavior and get ahead of the trend that we were seeing.” With the help of Quantcast, Viviana and her team were able to assist their customers with their online trading platform to capitalize on the rising demand for investment products. Viviana added: “We are continuing to see that growth even almost one year into the pandemic.”

Quantcast and TD Bank have worked together for over 3 years and continue to grow their partnership. As Viviana said, “‘The proof of the pudding is in the eating,’ and we’re always driving performance. We have a joint business objective, and that’s what’s important in advertising in a platform.” She added: “Quantcast has helped us in many different ways to address challenges.” 

To watch an excerpt from Viviana’s interview with Konrad at Quantcast Virtual NOVA, click here.  

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