“Our holy grail is working towards an analytics tool that will predict the viral success of content before it’s written”
Digby Lewis, Director of Brand Strategy Europe, Buzzfeed

The world of online publishers is as diverse as the world which its content covers. In this panel session at Supernova UK 2015 three marketers from three very different publishers; Ashwin Sridhar from The Economist, Digby Lewis from Buzzfeed and Ross Webster from The Weather Company, discuss data led journalism, bridging the gap between print and digital, the challenges they have overcome and what they hope to achieve on their digital transformation journey.  

Digital advertising investments are set to account for more than half of total media ad spend in 2016. In this session Jeff Jarvis asks the publishers themselves how data is leading their digital approach and how they leverage this data to deliver the right content to the right audience, while driving monetisation.