“We at Quantcast believe that every single vertical of the global economy will be transformed by this admittedly over-hyped term called ‘Big Data’”

A bold statement declared by Jag Duggal, Quantcast SVP of Product Management, opening his presentation at Quantcast Supernova UK. It may be hard to imagine, but Big Data is fundamentally transforming the world as we know it — across every industry globally. From music and education to agriculture and politics, the way we make decisions and orient ourselves in the world is changing due to the scale and availability of data. At the epicenter of the Big Data revolution? It’s the online media and advertising industry.

Travel through stories from a variety of industries covering the potential and pitfalls of the Big Data revolution. Hear Duggal’s vision for the future and pleas for what needs to be done today in order to make it the brightest future possible. Learn how Big Data is changing the world as we know it, in profound and sometimes not obvious ways, in this not-to-miss session from Supernova UK.