Welcome to Supernova Sessions — a video series highlighting some of the top insights from Supernova NY and Supernova UK, our annual client summits. Working with many of our Quantcast Measure clients, we know that a challenge many publishers face is figuring out how best to reach their audience within a rapidly evolving media landscape.

“We’ve got changing consumer behavior on one side and we’ve got changing technology on the other,” says Pat Kiernan, Anchor at NY1 and moderator of The Innovators of Publishing Panel at Supernova NY. Which begs the question, how have traditional and digital publishers evolved to take advantage of the new technologies available to grow and engage their audiences?

Watch as some of the most forward thinking media innovators in the publishing industry, Kate Ward, Editor-in-Chief at Bustle, Ashley Parrish, Executive producer at Today.com, and Jake Horowitz, founder of Mic, discuss how data informs their day-to-day thought process and their vision for the future of media.